SORT’s Laundry Service is  a Convenient and Organized Laundry Delivery Service System

We offer laundry service in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and surrounding areas.  You never have to sort your laundry ever again because SORT Laundry is a mobile laundry delivery service that puts time back in your hands and takes the laundry off your back! Every week, our mobile laundry team comes to your door, picks up your dirty clothes and takes them to our cleaning center. Once they’re cleaned and folded, our mobile laundry team re-packs your clothes and delivers them back to you clean and fresh!

You can rest confident that your clothes stay together during the washing, dry cleaning, and folding process because our team is armed with a highly efficient sorting system. First, we send you Wash, Dry, Fold and/or Dry Cleaning/Laundered + Pressed bags. After you put all the clothes you want washed into the Wash, Dry, Fold bag and all of your dry cleaning and Laundered + Pressed items in the other bag, the mobile laundry team wraps these bags together for organized transport to our cleaning center. Our cleaning center professionals are as organized as the delivery team and they’re trained to care for every detail and keep wary eye out for non-laundered items that may have been put in the bag by mistake, such as wools, silks, etc. Once your laundry is cleaned, dried, folded, and/or dry-cleaned/laundered + pressed at the plant, our team re-packages the items again for return delivery back to your home.


Away at the office or on vacation during your scheduled pickup time? No worries! We simply give you a free laundry bag that you can fill up and hang on your door for our mobile laundry delivery team to come pick up. Simply fill, hang, and let our mobile laundry delivery team take it from there. It’s a cinch!