Wash Dry & Fold

This is your everyday laundry items that will be returned to your door step; washed, dried and folded; ready to put away. Sheets may be included in our Wash, Dry and Fold service at no extra charge. Blankets, comforters and duvets are charged per piece (these should be placed in a separate bag)

Price List

Small Bag $35.00
The small bag holds up to 15lbs. or about 1-2 loads.  Overage is billed at $2.00 per lb.

Large Bag $50.00
The large bag holds up to 25 lbs. or about 3-4 loads.  Overage is billed at $2.00 per lb.

Dry Clean/ Laundered + Pressed

These are your items that you do not want placed in your regular laundry. They are professionally cleaned and returned on a hanger. We will provide a separate bag for your Dry Clean/Laundered + Pressed

Price List

Men’s Button Down (Laundered + Pressed) $2.75

Shirts (Men’s and Women’s) $6.00

Pants/Trousers $6.00

Silk or Linen $1.00

Dress: Casual $10.00

Dress: Formal $20.00 (Dresses with beading have additional charges)

Light Jackets $9.00

Coat (Heavy) $16.00

Comforter/Duvets (Twin) $20.00

Comforter/Duvets (Full/Queen) $25.00

Comforter/Duvets (King) $28.00

Down Filling $5.00

Blankets/Throws $12.00

Sheets (If put in our Wash, Dry & Fold bag we do not price per set) $10.00/set

Table Cloths (up to 8 ft) $15.00

Rug (small) $7.00

Rug (medium/large) $10.00

Other standard clothing items (shorts, skirts, tshirts, etc.) $6.00

Guaranteed to Save You Money and Time!

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