Our minimum order amount is $35.00 for free delivery and pickup for regular recurring customers.  For a one time pickup we do charge a 4.99 delivery fee.

We have a pricing page for your reference for both Wash, Dry, Fold and Dry Cleaning/Laundered+Pressed.  Our Wash, Dry, Fold bags come in 2 different sizes; Our small bag holds up to 15 lbs. and our large bag holds up to 25 lbs.  Any overage is charged at $2.00 per pound.

Every customer can request a pickup on our website at www.sortlaundry.com. The customer has the option of choosing a one-time pickup or recurring pickups (weekly or bi-weekly) for all of our services. You can also send us a text at (919)672-2893 to alert us that you would like a pickup. If you text and it is your first request, we will have additional questions for you to ensure we understand your needs and will also need to obtain a credit card for processing payment.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm a date for your first delivery and get you into our routing schedule.  We do like to drop off the laundry bags prior to your first order.  However, if you need us to pick up the laundry before we drop off the bag, you can leave it in a regular sized 13 gallon trash bag(s).  Be sure to separate out your Wash, Dry, Fold from the items you would like dry cleaned and/or Laundered & Pressed (priced by the piece). One of our local partner plants will begin working on your clothes. We will deliver them back to you on your confirmed delivery date.

At SORT Laundry, we have different colored bags for our different services.  Our color coded bag system helps us keep your clothes separated throughout the process and makes it easy for you to separate.

Wash, Dry, Fold bags are TEAL – Just as the name states; this is only for items you would like wash, dried and folded

Dry Cleaned/Laundered + Pressed bags are PURPLE – Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the difference in the dry cleaning vs. laundered + pressed.  Our skilled professionals at the plant know exactly how to handle your items.

Dry cleaning is just that, it is dry and uses no water-based cleaning solutions. Laundered + pressed uses water and detergent. Laundered + pressed is best for odor removal. Both are machine or hand-pressed. But don’t worry, our plant will SORT (get it!) your items depending on how they should be cleaned; dry cleaned or laundered + pressed. These items are priced per piece and placed into a separate bag.

Wash, Dry and Fold

Any items that are placed in this bag will be separated at our plant by whites and colors.

Dry Cleaned/Laundered + Pressed

If you have items that are dry cleaned or laundered + pressed; we ask that those items are placed in a separate bag.

Our plant uses a Free and Clear detergent with no scent.

At SORT Laundry we provide FREE pickup and delivery of laundry and alterations. Our services include wash, dry and fold, dry cleaning and laundered + pressed.

At this time, we do not offer a hang dry service for clothing.

Large and over sized items; such as blankets, comforters, rugs, bathmats, etc. should not be included in the Wash, Dry and Fold bag. These items require special care and are priced per piece. Bulky items can be left with your regular pickup in a bag provided by the customer (a trash bag is fine too!).  However, you are able include bed sheets in your wash, dry, fold bag.

We are here for you! Just send us an email at fold  fold@sortlaundry.com.

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