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About SORT Laundry

SORT Laundry is a customer-centered mobile laundry service committed to freeing up time in customers’ busy schedules so they can have peace of mind while pursuing what matters most to them. Whether you’re a corporate climber or a small business entrepreneur, time is a precious commodity in short supply. Family and free time are neglected as obligations mount up and that laundry pile isn’t going to clean itself. You think, “Surely there’s a better way for me to free up more time so I can live life more fully.” You’re right, there is. It’s time to unload your dirty laundry onto someone else.

If you’ve ever wished for a laundry fairy to come carry away all those sweaty shirts and smelly socks and bring them back to you perfectly fresh and folded, then your wish is our command!

Our friendly pickup and delivery team comes quickly to your doorstep and sorts your laundry for organized transportation to our cleaning center, where they will be cared for by our team of professionals. Our efficient sorting system ensures that your laundry is transported, cleaned, folded, and returned hassle-free. Once at our facility, our specialists will care for each item as if it were their own. Your items are sorted, packaged, and quickly delivered to your door clean, neat, and fresh.

We offer you affordable, quality mobile laundry services and an exceptional customer service experience. Services include cleaning, drying, folding, and dry cleaning. When you entrust your laundry burden to SORT Laundry, we deliver superior commercial laundry services so you can spend more time pursuing what you love most with the confidence that your clothes are in good hands.

Guaranteed to Save You Money and Time!

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